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Dad called and told me to go check the sunset

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Anonymous asked: I'm not the same anon, but, a trans woman can definitely be attracted to women. Am I missing something?




It’s not about the attraction to women that makes you a lesbian it’s about whether or not you’re a.. Woman attracted to women, and like idc there might be lesbians okay with trans girls but saying dicks are an inherent part of lesbian sexuality is just giving people an excuse to rape lesbians who aren’t. like “well this lesbian is okay with my penis so why aren’t you?” Penis cannot be a staple in lesbian sexuality it just can’t, for their SAFETY. and that’s why “trans lesbians” have to come second to “cis” lesbians

to argue that trans women can’t be lesbians is denying trans women (who are in fact women) their sexuality and its transmisogynist. penises aren’t against lesbian sexuality making barriers to sexuality is something that keeps sexual identities like bisexuality and asexuality looked down upon which can have problematic results for their SAFETY. trans women who are in lesbian relationships do consist of two WOMEN having a relationship, genitals have nothing to do with it and you saying that ‘trans women being in lesbian relationships gives men a reason to rape’ is just you technically being a rape apologist not to mention you’re against trans women believing they aren’t actually women


Baby Otter vs. Stuffed Walrus

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Dascha Polanco attends the Rolando Santana fashion show at NYFW

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Neptune Planet Power, Make-up!

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